Discover This Secret Formula Every Business Needs To Turn Crisis Into Growth

A tried and tested battle plan to not only survive a crisis but thrive. Go from friction to flow using this 5 level formula that every business should have, COVID-19 or not

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What Is The Pivot Formula

It is a way of taking complex and often chaotic situations and providing you a process to decipher and create simple solutions and strategies that can be deployed 40x faster

This is achieved by going through the process of the 5 levels that I have designed and establishing a “Nerve Centre” that controls quality of the deployment

Free Training Events For Business Owners

50% will be wiped out, 45% will just survive, 5% will thrive. Is Your Business Battle Ready?

In these free traning events I will be covering:

✓ Beyond Coronavirus – What’s Next
✓ Research and Insights to what the next 3, 6, 12 Months Hold
✓ Walk you through the 5 Levels of The Pivot Formula so you can apply to your business
✓ Uncover the new trends that are here to stay and ones that will fade away
✓ How to get the latest information on Covid-19 before your competitors do.

Exclusive Training

Occasionally I open this training to the public as a live event. Contact me to find out more and be added to the waitlist

By Appointment Only

These events can be booked by orgnisations and companies to help train their employees and themselves on handling business during crisis

Is This For Me?

This Is Not A One Size Fits All Formula. But It Is For You If…

You Are An Established Business With Extensive Knowledge In Your Industry
You Are Aware That Normal Is A Time Of The Past. Everything Has Changed And You Are With The Programme
You Are In The Small Percentage Of Business That Has The Leadership And Team To Implement Quickly And Move With The Future

Black Swan Events

A Must Know For All Business Owners

If you have never heard this term before you might be wondering what the heck a Black Swan Event is.

A Black Swan event is an unpredictable event that is far beyond the realms of any normal event or change.

They are labelled black swan events because they are extremely rare, have severe impact, and are widespread enough to cause a mass effect, normally Worldwide.

COVID-19 is such an event, we are living in a Black Swan Event. And you need to get with the times.

The recent and ongoing events of this pandemic have deeply cut changes into every level of the world, including gravely effecting the global economy.

This directly and indirectly effects anyone and everyone in the business world.

With any such event the bringing of massive change and what can be seen as destruction, also brings opportunities for growth, that normally would not be there.

A good example of this is the 25-year trend of technology, Ecommerce and how humans’ shop being accelerated by over 1000%.

The best way of explaining this is taking the last 25 years of growth and cramming it all into 3 months.

These are the typical ‘symptoms’ of Black Swan Events. The creation of unprecedented times, record lows or highs in various markets, extensive changes in buying habits, human behaviours and business conduction.

You either adapt to these changes and thrive. Scramble along and survive. Or your business fails.

How will you adapt to this 2020 Black Swan Event? What will be your story that goes down in history?

Changes in Human Behaviour

Buyer Confidence Is at An All Time Low

A Change In Areas Money Is being Spent

Uncertainty Has Caused A Lack Of Trust For Authorities

Covid-19 is the biggest global event of our lifetimes and has created many challenges. As such, it has changed human behaviour and attitudes towards everything!

This will not stop either, the research is showing us this is just the start of the human behavioural changes and is already having an impact on Brands and Organisations worldwide.

We need to understand that even when this event passes which it will, the need to respond will not end there.

With almost 600 Million Business and Entrepreneurs worldwide, half of them are going to get wiped out. This alone will change everything. The other half are going to be struggling through the changes that need to be applied.

Only about 5% of all these will thrive….The Pivot Formula can help you be in this percentage!

The 5 Levels To Success

The Pivot Formula is setup into 5 core levels and actions that create a foundation, allowing you to PIVOT your business quickly and effectively


Level 5 - Authority

Time to Establish your brand as a trusted source! The idea is to be seen as an authority in your field, even in the face of crisis and instability. Be the stable figure in the face of people’s uncertainty

Level 4 - Scale

Start to scale and do so rapidly. Profit more than you have ever done before. While over 90% of the businesses and organisations out there take time to catch up after an impact, you can start to scale.

Level 3 - Reflect

At this point you will start seeing key data points and metrics in every area of the business. Things like Net Cash Available, KPI’s around Sales Conversions, Profitability Ratios, Your Liquidity Status, Cash Flow Analysis etc.

Level 2 - Deploy

Organisations and Businesses that are able to deploy quickly will not only stabilise consequences of such large impacts and breaches but lay a solid foundation for rapid growth and success. Shielding and defending the future!

Level 1 - Identify

Creation of a very in-depth strategy to address any immediate impact on your businesses Eco System like Cash Flow, Staff Resources, Supply Chain Issues, Security Breaches etc.

How Do I Access This Formula

Just contact me for more information on bookings and upcoming events

Exclusive Training

Occasionally I open this training to the public as a live event. These events have limited capacity. Contact me to find out more and be added to the waitlis

By Appointment Only

These events can be booked by orgnisations and companies to help train their employees and themselves on handling business during crisis

Who’s Behind It All?

The Pivot Formula is a strategy that I created out of need! If we rewind back to when Toilet rolls were not in short supply….

Having consulted for more than a 1000 organisations and companies worldwide, his training materials and teachings have helped 100,000’s of business owners and Entrepreneurs.

He has studied, written, spoken and researched for 20 years in the fields of Human Behaviour, Business Strategy & Accelerated Growth, Psychology, Economics and Philosophy.

Colins personal portfolio comprises of 17 companies worldwide ranging from a Holistic Coaching Academy and Personalised Educational Children’s Books to Certified Business Courses, Core Training on Emotional Intelligence and Business Management Softwares.

Colin and his team have a very unique skill set and access to data that most companies don’t, allowing him to develop and implement strategies that simply work the first time.

Now, for the first time, he is going public with his No.1 Strategy.

Exclusive Training

Occasionally I open this training to the public as a live event. These events have limited capacity. Contact me to find out more and be added to the waitlis

By Appointment Only

These events can be booked by orgnisations and companies to help train their employees and themselves on handling business during crisis


Some common questions I get asked

Can this be applied to any business?
YES. Any type of organisation or business of any size The PIVOT Formula can be used
How quickly can it be setup?
This depends a lot around your personal situation and structure. I have gone through the 5 levels in less than 8 weeks in some businesses. Others it can take much longer.
My Business cannot Pivot what do I do now?
All businesses and Organisations can PIVOT. Having personally consulted in 1000’s of businesses, helped 10,000’s more with training like this across most countries on the map. Its more about if you want to make the changes needed or not.
Why are you giving the training for FREE when you could charge?
That’s a great question. Every organisation and business out there should be given the opportunity to improve what they are doing. I also fully understand when you are looking to PIVOT cash flow can sometimes be tight. Having grown many businesses from scratch of mine I know hard that can be.

This is why I created a dedicated training around the 5 Levels of The Pivot Formula and provide resources so you can implement into your business yourself. I also know that some of you may not have the time to do this so will then engage my Firm on a consultancy contract to work with you on working through the 5 Levels.

What is this training worth?
To most organisations and business owners more than just a number. If your business is failing, cash flow is tight, you have started to lose hope and not sure what to do and then you implement the 5 Levels of The Pivot Formula. Then everything starts to turn around and you are growing and stable and better, yet you have grown way past where you were before anything happens.

People tell me you it’s worth everything and you cannot put a price on it as priceless

Let me flip the question back to you.

How much is that worth to you?

What do you mean by “New Normals”?
When ever we see an event that brings the world to a stand still and has affected human behaviour on every aspect, new normal will be created. From decision making, trusting where products are shipped from, small and large crowds etc. In the training I go into this in more detail however its safe to that the “Old Normal” is never coming back and this is proven by our own research and others around the world

What are you waiting for, Get the formula now and get started!

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